“But I say to you, I will not drink of this fruit of the vine from now on until that day when I drink it new with you in My Father’s kingdom.” (Matt. 26:29)

As we gather together each week, most of us are aware that Jesus Christ is there in our midst, according to Matthew 18:20. We are gathered there in His name, and there is no doubt that the words of Jesus recorded for us in Matthew 18 are truth. He hears the prayers that are lifted up, listens to the songs of worship, and even draws those to himself that hear and understand the Word (Romans 10:17). But there is one portion of our worship that He actually participates in with us. Jesus, in Matthew 26:29 says that he drinks the fruit of the vine with those who are in His kingdom.



Stop a minute and meditate on that. While we drink the cup, Jesus is drinking it, too. As we are giving thanks, he is receiving it and saying “you are welcome”. It is as though He speaks to us through the bread and the fruit of the vine saying things like “remember” or “I did this out of love for you” and drawing us ever closer to himself.



At the Lord’s table Jesus is death is lifted up before all who will see, and He invites us to deeper intimacy and purer devotion! And while singing, praying, scripture reading, preaching, and giving are all important and should not be overlooked, the center and most impacting moment every first day of the week should be the time spent around the table, participating with Jesus as we partake of the new wine and the unleavened bread. He is present spiritually and invisibly, but also in reality.



Questions for reflection


How will the realization that Christ is there participating with us affect the way I personally observe the Lord’s Supper each week?


If I could physically see Jesus during our next worship service, would it alter my attitude, actions, and fervor with which I worship?


Knowing that Jesus said he really is there, even though invisible, should those be changes I make NOW?